noun: tribute; plural noun: tributes
an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.


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In order to be a good Goddess pet you must learn the importance and significance of giving Tribute to your Goddess.
1. It displays to me that you are a willing pet; want to show your loyalty and willingness to submit to me
2. It is respectful to approach the Goddess with gifts, money, and jewels
3. It is EXPECTED, if you want any level of attention from you me you will TRIBUTE ME


I love to be showered with beautiful gifts. I do enjoy surprise. Shoes, Clothes, and Jewels are not the things that make me excited. I love Fast Expensive Cars, America Express Black Cards, Adventurous Vacations, Big Extravagant Houses and a large BANK ACCOUNT.

I know that you crave for the Goddess’s attention, you stare at my thick delicious body and dream of the day that you can be on your knees at my feet. You long to have my ass smash into your face or the taste of the soles of my sweaty feet.

My deep desire of financial domination fuels my sensuality, like your weakness to serve causes your body to have uncontrollable convulsions. Once you have committed to me, you are my PROPERTY! Until I see reason to release you. Which rarely happens. You will dream of me, Lust Me, Love Me, and PAY ME!
Every day you are my pet you will fight to earn my attention, my adoration, and even my love. I will in turn brag about how you give me you ALL!!

I DO NOT, waste my valuable time talking to little boys who dare to approach me without paying tribute to me FIRST!! You NEED my ATTENTION, you WANT my TIME. I don’t NEED anything from you. I can live without you completely, but you are ADDICTED to ME. So give in to your desires pet. And sit at my feet.
You will be a good financial slave for me, a good money toy for my pleasure, and you will send my offering if you expect me to be happy. I know you wouldn’t want anything less.

bbw2 $100


I know you’re so ready to get it on. You’re completely engrossed with the prospect of being the best Pay Pet for me.

What I especially LOVE:


Buy ME beautiful shoes for my perfect Goddess feet : Photo_00042

  • SIZE 9  for open shoes (sandals, stilettos, pumps)

  • SIZE 9 1/2for closed shoes and boots

I adore designer handbags, LV, MK, Louis V. and Chanel. Nothing better than sending the Goddess on luxury vacations to exotic locations. I am going to let YOU be the one to give me what I pleasure.

bbw2 $500

Giftcards may be sent to me by


See the pretty button Pet. Press a button and send me a gift. You know that you want to give me any and every thing that my heart desires. You want to be the special pet that gets to be at my feet. EARN YOU SPOT pet! Hit a button and impress me. Your wallet is mine!

bbw2 $999

Lets talk about the money, you are holding. I need all that. CALL ME!



You will find more photo & amazing video of the Goddess..come deeper My pet… all you need to do is tribute $200 on niteflirt & register an account!Goddess LadyLondon will open the gates to you.