Lady London Statistics:
Height: 5’5 (6’0 in heels)
Shoe Size: 9 US
Bra Size: 38D
Panty Size: XL/8
Clothing Size: 16-18
Birthday: December 6th (Fiery Sagittarius)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black
Ethnicity: Jamaican/American Indian

Training Programs, Submissive experiences and fantasy sessions available for these fetish indulgences:

Cock Control
Tease and Denial
Orgasm Edging
Male Chastity
Jerk-Off Instruction
CFNM Masturbation
Prostate Stimulation
Anal Training
Cocksucking Instruction
Glory Holes
Self Felacio
Cum Eating
Body-Foot-Ass Worship
Small Penis Humiliation


Beauty, Sassy, Charming and Controlling are the qualities that draws you near to the Goddess. Her eyes and delicious ass have captured you and you find yourself staring and not being able to pull yourself away.
The Goddess possess the power to keep you completely focused on her every move. She is your number one priority and she will settle for no less then that.

Goddess Lady London will take you place you never thought were possible. “I will mold you into my perfect pet. You will open yourself to me completely.”
Everything that you have will become my property. I want your MONEY, CREDIT CARDS, HOUSES, CARS, and ANYTHING OF VALUE.
Your suffering from not having what you want to give to me feeds my Sadistic Hungry to watch your suffer. There is much to learn pet, the first step is to give yourself to me. I am your Goddess!

Goddess Lady London